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Proctor, MT

The role of ‘Martin’ is played by Parish Producer Stephen Miller. 

“I wrote the character of ‘Martin’ thinking of Stevie! He was the only person in the story that I had someone in mind for from the very start. We have a great friendship and what we do is that we imitate voices together and create all these wacky characters. I wouldn’t call it ‘making fun’, it’s more of an ‘acting exercise’, if you will. And we’ve met so many different kinds of people in our lives that we have a lot of material to draw from! So with ‘Martin’, I knew I wanted Stevie to interpret him as a spin-off of one of the characters we had already created. He did amazing and really turned ‘Martin’ into one of the most genial, lovable characters in the film.” 

~Lisa Stendal, Screenwriter & Director, on casting her friend Stephen Miller in role of Martin Cain, the Lumber Baron.

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