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Duluth, MN

“Filming Parish of the Pines was such a long process filled with all sorts of memories. One of my favorites was that throughout filming I got to work day in and day out with my siblings and family. Seeing God work in every detail small to big was incredible, as well. 

Going on our first trip to Hoonah, Alaska was insane! The uncertainty and just the intrepidness of the whole thing was surreal, for instance, learning to not just be an actor but also at times handling the operation of the camera, lighting, tech, sound, and clap board, all whilst being on an island where bears outnumber you five to one was a challenge but left me with great memories. 

But out of all the blessings and all the memories my absolute favorite event was to meet my wife. It did me, and Frank, a world of good.”

~Russell M. Stendal Jr., who plays the role of ‘Frank Higgins’ when asked about his favorite memories while filming @the_parish_of_the_pines_movie

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