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Alaska Homestead Historical Museum
& Buena Vista Ski Area,Bemidji, MN

Producers Alethia Stendal, Sammy Hernandez and Stephen Miller did a lot of research to come up with an authentic, genuine concept for the Costume Design of the Lumberjacks in the film that was historically accurate. 

“Sammy would show me pictures of what they were supposed to look like: the high-waisted pants, the 3-button shirts, the boots…Stevie, my husband, would make it all happen. I would buy the modern clothes and he would reform them on the sewing machine, giving shirts the 3-button look and making the pants high-waisted. I would dress the Lumberjacks and then Stevie and Sammy would take them outside and get them all muddied. I think that was the part they most enjoyed.” 

~Costume Designer, Alethia Stendal, on dressing the Lumberjacks of The Parish of the Pines.

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