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Music Score by Stephen Miller

The Original Score based on Classic Old Hymns we all love and cherish as well as the Ending Credit Song, “It Will Be Returned” were composed and produced by Parish Producer Stephen Miller.


“Stephen and I have always enjoyed singing and playing songs together at night with our kids. In these times together, he’s written lots of songs for our family. One time, we actually went to the studio and recorded a song we really like called “When the Ship Comes In” by Bob Dylan. Stephen did such a good production! That’s when I knew he was an innate music producer. I had no doubts he could compose the music for this film and write and produce the song for the end credits. When I asked him to do it, we prayed that the Lord would inspire him and shortly after he bought everything he needed and got to work. I bet all my cards on him even though we knew many other musicians that actually do that for a living and are good. He never let me down. The music for this film is fantastic to say the least. 


Alethia Stendal - Parish Director/Producer on working with her husband, Stephen for the music of The Parish of the Pines. 

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