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Hoonah, Alaska.

Despite what would traditionally be deemed an un necessary expense and inconvenience, Parish producers traveled to filming locations with all their children.

"Some days there really were more children on set than adults. We had all our own kids who quickly made friends with all the local kids. At times it felt more like we were running a vocational kid's camp rather than a movie set. But you know, we made it work. Childcare became another important job, like camera operations or lighting. We got creative too.

We'd dress them up and stick them in the scene. The bigger kids were actually a huge help. They got to do sound, makeup, clapboard, costuming, even run the camera sometimes. Filming this movie was the greatest experience for all of them. The goodbyes were tough though, but they made friendships that will last them a lifetime."

~ Samuel Hernandez, The Parish of the Pines Producer.

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