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Alaska Homestead Historical Museum & Lost 40, MN

Alethia Stendal has directed, produced and written several projects, but for the @the_parish_of_the_pines_movie she makes her debut as Director of Photography for a major feature film for the first time. It was no easy responsibility to undertake as the movie was filmed in all 4 seasons and in very remote locations. 

“The sole responsibility was something I did not want. For years, my sister had asked me to do it. I always told her that I didn’t want to risk ruining the film and that we should consider hiring someone else, like we have done before. 

But one day, we went on a location scout up to ‘The Lost 40’. It is a preserved acreage of giant pines in Northern Minnesota that was ‘overlooked’ by the loggers, and hence, has remained in tact over the last century. It is the only remaining piece of forest from that time. As I sat on one of those big, fallen trees, I looked up for the first time. I saw the grandeur of those pines. I knew I could do it. I looked at Lisa and said, ‘I can do it.’ With a sigh of relief, she hugged me. She had believed in me years before I did.” 

~Alethia Stendal, Director & Director of Photography for The Parish of the Pines.

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