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Hoonah, Alaska.

Parish Producers did not hesitate to cast Alaskan newcomer Brittany Clark (now Blough) in the lead role of Eva Lucas, Frank’s sweetheart and right hand companion. 

“For me, it was all about her voice. She sounded so authentic from that era. Nowadays, it’s so hard to get the modernism out of the way people speak~’like, do you know what I mean-uh?’. People go to acting school for years and can’t even do it. But with Brittany, she sounded like she had been pulled right out of the 1800’s. And she is so beautiful in a simple, unassuming way, that is pretty captivating on film. When I saw her audition video, I was like, she’s the one.” 

~Lisa Stendal, Director of The Parish of the Pines on casting Brittany Clark (now Blough) in the role of Eva Higgins.

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