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Charlo, MT

‘Little Frank Higgins’ was interpreted by Isaac Hernández, Parish Producers Lisa & Sammy’s son. 

“It wasn’t a given just because he was our kid. But he really wanted the role and auditioned for it. Turns out he was pretty good and very serious about it, you know, committed to memorizing his lines and he spent time with the cows before we filmed his scene and everything. I’m glad we filmed him when we did because it seemed like the day after, he was a head taller. The cows, on the other hand, were harder to find than you would think. We needed cows without tags and there just weren’t any. Finally, in remote Montana, we found our cows and we filmed the scene before ‘Little Frank’ grew any taller.”

~Lisa Stendal, Parish Director, on working with her son, Isaac Hernández on the set of @the_parish_of_the_pines_movie

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